About Us

Established in 1972 in central Taiwan, USHER has grown from a small audio enthusiast's shop into one of the most respected names in the global audio scene.  Today, at its newly completed factory in Taichung, USHER continues to develop and manufacture audio amplifiers and loudspeakers of cutting edge design, to its exacting high standards.

We at USHER, holds a unique view towards high end audio. We believes that no-compromise audio components can and should be friendly price-wise to all music lovers and audiophiles; They should be a luxury most people can afford.

The secret to USHER's ascent to the cream of the crop in high end audio lies in the fact that USHER always takes a scientific approach to engineering, and supports it with imagination and extensive, pains-taking experiements and listening tests.  The result of USHER's thorough engineering and quality control is products of exceptional performance and reliability.  Many of the USHER amplifiers built in the '70s are still actively serving their owners today.

Audio Is No Black Magic At USHER: Correlating the measurements and the perceived performance by human ears

"At USHER, we don't leave improvement and innovation to chance.  To create the most price-competitive, cutting-edge speakers on the market we've even created our own computer-based measuring system which has now become an industry standard."

A Relentless Quest For Precision and Musicality: Tools and mindset

Almost all first-time visitors to USHER's labs and factory are awe-sturck by the quality and quantity of the precision equipment in service.   Perhaps they would be even more surprised if they knew the amount of research and training put into utilizing the pieces of high-precision equipment.  As the saying goes, "There are no accidents."